Trump VS. Biden

Trump and Biden are both leaders, but with different ways to lead. The clearest difference is that Joe Biden is a Democrat and Donald Trump is Republican.

For example, when you look at the difference between Worker’s Rights, they are quite the opposites. While Biden is with the workers, Trump opposes unions and the rights of workers. Biden wants the workers to have a voice in how the working conditions should be and create a cabinet-level working group to promote unions. Trump on the other side, supports decreased labor protections, rolled back worker safety and weakened federal unions.

When looking at public school options, their priorities are different. Trump prioritizes school options, and his spending on federal charter school grants has increased by more than 30% since he first took office. Biden opposes federal funding of charter schools. He supports public schools, but does not agree with any federal funding going to for-profit charter schools.

When it comes to Healthcare, Biden has a clear plan of what he wants to happen, while Trump makes promises he never makes good of. Biden believes that Obamacare is a good start, and does not support healthcare pans that start from scratch and get rid of private insurance. Trump wants to lower the cost of prescription drug and replace the Affordable Care Act, but both of those have stalled.

As we can understand from only these three issues, Trump and Biden are two very different candidates with different goals they would like to achieve.

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  1. Definitely… you forgot to comment on the polls, but as you probably know, Biden is in the lead for now…


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